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The Mission of “PURE FIRE FOODS is to inspire humanity towards balanced wellness by Providing Healthy FOOD Products, Educating Healthy LIFE Solutions and Sharing Healthy PLANET Sustainability.




Our goal at Planet Kitchen is to create products that support our Mission and Vision of Healthy Food, Life and Planet by developing healthy foods and services that serve, educate and empower people to heal while inspiring humanity towards sustainability.


We teach the "Food As Medicine" philosophy so people understand how eating organic foods (locally sourced when possible or growing your own), maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and making conscious sustainable choices helps us all restore harmony in ourselves and our planet.

Planet Kitchen’s Product Line  PURE FIRE “The FIXER ELIXIR” … Taste Wellness

was created with a blend of superfood  ingredients that create a  Healthy Food Product, while also Educating the consumer on Healthy Life Solutions and the Sharing of Healthy Planet Sustainability.

The VISION of  “PLANET KITCHEN” with our Food Products lines such as:

PURE FIRE “The Fixer Elixir” … Taste Wellness --->  is to inspire a universal emergence in Healthy Food, Life, and Planet so all living beings can create and experience wellness, prosperity, and thrive in harmony.



“ Giving is a Conscious Action of Gratitude, Balance & Love.“  - Planet Kitchen



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