Ceremonial Cacao Potion & PURE FIRE Chocolate Tonic Combo + Choose Love Sticker


100% Chocolicious Ingredients:

Fair Trade, Jungle Grown, Ground Raw Peruvian/Ecuadorian Cacao Pasteº & Powderº, Maca Rootº, Reishi Mushroomº, Chaga Mushroom¤, Damiana, Cistanche, Roasted Dandelionº, Chicoryº, MCT Oil Powder (from coconuts), Pink Sea Salt, Steviaº, Cayenneº


¤ Wild Foraged



PURE FIRE™ Chocolate Fire Tonic is our proprietary Vegan, Organic Blend of 22 amazing ingredients inspired by an ancient folk recipe. The power of raw organic apple cider vinegar + organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices + 7 organic mushroom extracts + raw cacao come together to make this powerful tonic.

 Spicy, chocolatey, slightly-sweet and delicious.


Additional Notes:

Now you can recreate your own chocolate ceremonies with Shamanic Tonic’s signature Ceremonial Cacao Potion Blend. 12 servings at 2 tablespoons (recommended), 24 servings at 1 tablespoon.


SUGGESTED USE: Add 1-2 tablespoons to 4-6 oz hot water, or simply mix with water, coffee or smoothie. Add 1 Tablespoon PURE FIRE to your mix for some extra activation! Use blender or whisk well. Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medication, please consult your physician prior to using this product combination. Neither product require refrigeration after opening. Includes Choose Love Sticker.

Ceremonial Cacao Potion & PURE FIRE Chocolate Tonic Combo + Choose Love Sticker