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PURE FIRE™ Fire Tonic on the Green Sage Cafe Menu

Green Sage Cafe Lemon Ginger Fire Tonic

Our Fire Tonic is currently on the Green Sage Cafe menu and we're thrilled! Their Lemon Ginger Fire Tonic is absolutely delicious and just like our fire cider, will warm you from the inside out. Served warm, it is quite refreshing with a pleasant lemony-ginger flavor and will help you feel your best during the cold winter months. Loaded with Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, plus the 20+ organic ingredients we put into our fire tonic, this is one powerful beverage. The fire tonic flavor is very complementary and contributes to the nourishing and balanced flavor.

In the summer months, we usually collaborate on a delicious Fire Tonic Lemonade that will keep you cool and refreshed. Tag us @PureFireFoods and @GreenSageCafe to let us know if you got to try this delicious beverage.

Green Sage Cafe is located in Asheville, NC and has 4 locations. We love their green juices and fresh, organic food!

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